Video On-Demand Classes

We understand it can be a challenge finding the time to exercise. Work, home and personal time can be hard to juggle. 

Our on-demand fitness classes will give you the freedom to exercise when it’s convenient to you. Exercise at home or on the road with  just  a click of the button. 

The Pinnacle Nutrition System

At Pinnacle Fitness Center we offer an advanced customized nutritional program called the Pinnacle Nutrition System.  In this program, we bring the joy back to healthy eating.

The Pinnacle Nutrition System eliminates confusion associated with making proper meal selections and assists in building a health centered lifestyle. In time you can expect to become leaner, healthier and reach your optimal fitness potential.

Pinnacle Corporate Transformation Challenge

Create a new work environment based around health and discipline with our corporate wellness programs.

With the constant stressors of our time it is imperative to keep your staff physically and mentally healthy.  Pinnacle Fit Now has a variety of solutions for corporations seeking to improve the health and welfare of their staff.